Mastermind Actual

Mastermind Actual

Play the classic logic puzzle game on your Palm


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Lots of game options


  • Weak graphics


Mastermind is one of the best board games involving guessing the sequence of coloured pegs belonging to your opponent. Actually it's the only one.

Mastermind Actual recreates the baffling game on the Palm platform, charging you with the task of discovering the secret coloured code.

As with the original, your objective is to work out the colour and order of the counters your opponent has.

The graphics are really basically and just consist of a series of coloured circles. However, the gameplay is just as mind-bending as the original as you try to piece together what the other player has based on the suggestions you've laid down.

There a quite a few options to play around with, including several levels of difficulty, clues in the form of coloured spheres, and a simple validation system.

Mastermind Actual is billed as the best free Mastermind game for Palm, with colors and spherules, you can play standard 4 from 6, super and customized for example 6 from 8.

Mastermind Actual


Mastermind Actual

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